The Stuffing of the Snorky Peeg. Pt II

Well, re-enactor folks. Here’s Part two of the sage and onion stuffing of the Snorky Peeg.
Pt II …

I’ve never claimed to be nice, I’m more of a pistols at dawn kind of a gal  yet somehow despite accusations that I was violent/jealous/insane/abusive, no one ever got the slapped face or kick in the balls they deserve, draw what conclusions you will from that! David was so chronically embarrassed by Heather though that he wouldn’t discuss it even with me, and wouldn’t even stay near her long enough to tell her to sod off more than once. After she said him saying ‘No’ was sexually arousing can we really blame him? ‘No’ is clearly her favourite word (what a whore!)  …. And as for why I left Flinn a message by phone I’m not sorry, nor am I sure why people should expect me to be quiet about it? They of course will never admit Flinn’s history of truly inappropriate ‘jokes’ made in front of David not long after Chris’s death and I lost my temper spectacularly – as any decent person would after burying family as a result of that. Flinn was then flippant another one who did not seem to hear a clear ‘No’, cruel about #MeToo and I’m afraid being up to the eyeballs on morphine after major surgery doesn’t help with emotional regulation so…. Boom! Trust him to be the sort to blame women for men not keeping their hands to themselves. Like you, I’m unimpressed by that sort of thing. We lost all caution and so a few other old wrongs got dragged up which perhaps should have been left to lie. But that sort of poor taste after zero support in the crisis itself is almost BOUND to get a reaction even out of someone as placid as David. He’d just had ten days of long drives and sitting up half the night while I pulled through from major surgery and I was in no condition to notice how scared the poor chap had just been since I was high as a kite on meds. Frankly, if she has heard what we think of her by now, serve her right, the old cow 😀
It really just shook his faith in whether he had been being used all along by certain folk and being told off for standing up for himself didn’t go down too well either, since by that stage, Heather had been at her games telling everyone we were splitting up just because she had her decree nisi! Heather had been all pally in order to insinuate that I ought to dump David because he was just like Flinn when in reality she was already in someone else’s bed anyway. Heather’s long game has always been to have David on the back burner whoever she was dating, so I’m pretty sure she was not telling anyone she was with Martin Dannatt, so that if I ditched David she could get straight in there without David having honourable scruples about breaking up ‘a couple’ one of whom he was friends with. She’s always dated people David is close to and when someone else’s wife makes no secret of her attraction to your husband with multiple comments over the years then pretty much ‘ghosts’ you the moment she gets her decree nisi…! She’s lucky David didn’t realise the game she was playing or she would have found herself RIGHT at the top of his notorious #MeToo list as the scheming, unprincipled, stalking cow she was!
By the summer before last it became apparent she had hoped I’d ditch David because she seemed to think I was miserable with him rather than with where we lived. She’s always made a big thing of how as a disabled person I ‘’wouldn’t be able to give him a proper marriage’’ (!) and her hatred of her disabled mother really goes deep – so if some crippled woman is collateral damage to her needs but she did put on a good act sympathising with my struggles. Every time one of her parents died I’d get an invitation or she’d ‘just be passing through’. I was innocent enough to believe she had changed and hadn’t really connected the fact that Magrat lived in Birmingham with the possibility that she might be having a case conference on how to split us up until the nasty messages accusing me of keeping Heather and David apart, started coming in from her cronies. It turns out it isn’t paranoia if they are really out to get you. Given Northumberland is on the road to nowhere, I should have been suspicious when she started ‘just popping by on her way (South?!?) to see Magrat. Offering to help run D’s 50th which fell on a muster, was a nice touch but the poison she and Magrat have spread all these years meant he’s just someone they used to know.
Turned out she had been insinuating to Martin Dannatt that she was acting as my carer because poor David wasn’t coping with the crazy crippled lady and our relationship was doomed – getting the current boyfriend to pump the wife of the next candidate for info?! pfft, after all those phone calls where I had to listen to her list of Fanner’s iniquities as a husband and father, and all the times _I_ thought it must be tough living with Fanner, and she was spreading the idea that we were going to split! She must have lifted it straight off a WikiHow article on ‘’How To Split Up a Couple’’ the only minor miscalculation on her part is that David cannot stand her. But she tried every last trick on the list without seeming to realise that basic attraction was lacking. Years ago, Clare England SAID that some folk just have to have other people’s toys but it never occurs to them to make an effort while the person is single! I can’t believe David spent all those years embarrassed now, but he felt used, is strictly monogamous and David would never go on the defensive and say some woman had grabbed him. And then after all that… they tried to blame us for speaking up about Muzzy anyway. Well, why would they defend a person who makes them feel ashamed of their own conduct by his very probity? Faced with someone who was taking no responsibility and putting the onus on him to sort it out, a Catholic and a public schoolboy would just get a divorce? Never going to happen! I suppose it _ought_ to have been quite funny, but David was brought up to be _private_ about sex, and Heather was anything BUT! It’s so sad that he just ended up not wanting to do 17th century events all because of that whore!
Bless YOU all, too, for not going on the defensive when we went on it! I know I should have said something sooner but it all sounded so mad – and if a partner doesn’t even LOOK back when someone throws themselves at them, you feel you don’t have grounds to complain! I believe we may have had a conversation about that sort of thing once before. My big mistake was thinking that David having behaved honourably meant I couldn’t object to Heather’s toxic behaviour
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