You’re All Right, Am I? Propaganda: Shooting Ourselves in the Statistics.

Born able bods can be funny folk.    Chronically sick people particularly the newly  ex-able bodied person horribly over-estimates the level of benefit fraud. You’d almost think that able bodied people and disabled people have different ways of looking at the world if you didn’t know better 😉  Chronically sick people go though a daily battle of able bodied folk doing the disbelief thing and because something are difficult to fake it is chronically sick people not people with lifelong musculoskeletal conditions who tend to comne in for the brunt of it.  Loads of fraud is a daft idea really: we’ve all seen some prat (like Trump) try to mock a person with a disability and do it really badly but on the other hand having had many years of severe fatigue often with peopple around me not realising I was ready to lie down in the road I can’t say I actually I think I’d pick an invisible or near invisible condition if I wanted to convince people i felt rubbish , fatigue is pretty hard to do convincingly even when youu feel like Rip Van Winkle and I’m writing this having had about one hours sleep for every 24 hours and I can do a pretty good impression of someone who is wide awake so how would you fake it?

Loads of fraud is a daft idea really: we’ve all seen some prat (like Trump) try to mock a person with a disability by doing an impressionm of a specific impairment and do it really badly – I mean I thought the Tango Menace had seen one too many Walt Disney shows on his cable channel and was more Pinocchio paralysis.   Next……   Steve Martin,did a pretty good impression of a bad fake disabled person in  that rather cringeworthy  portrayal of a fake person with a learning disability in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Loads of fraud is a daft idea really: we’ve all seen some prat (like Trump) try to mock a person with a disability and do it really badly and since when would yoour next door neighbour get a pittance per week if he could act his socks off in bad panto with an Actors Equity card?  More to the point, why would you pander to the belief that you aren’t a fraud but one in ten of your fellow spoonies or fellow fibro bods is? Give yourselves a break! I thought I was tough on myself! Would you like it if I said, “Well the people most likely to be faking it aren’t the people with CP, SB and MND so that leaves invisible and varying conditions which is basically what Joe Public thinks, anyway. No, you’d feel crap. But if you believe in 10% fakes – or if you read the Mail 70% fakes logically it isn’t going to be a quadreplegic person is it so you’re really not on a winner here! Have a little faith in your fellow bods Apat from anything else we don’t have that many Oscar winners!

Most people believe the Govt because they didn’t grow up disabled and therefore don’t know much about disability until they become disabled so when Govt started making things up they didn’t know any better. It’s a myth that lots of people were just put on benefits – lots were but a lifetime working in Remploy factories for the first generation not to grow up in care homes meant a whole lot of folk came up for medical retirement in the mid 90s.

If one in 10 was a fraud – or 70% as the Mail would have it – we’d be falling over folk who are REALLY good actors ;-D I don’t know how to explain this a different way to the boring old same old same old but look at it this way I’d think I was being really rude if I said a whole load of people fake chronic illness _ really rude_ because people with disabilities from the start in particular know how tough it is and what the odds of being crocked are – we even discover you can get a double whammy and being disabled can make you ill or give you ME! So where did this idea of a whole load of chronically sick fakes come from and bless ’em why do chronically sick and newly disabled people believe in it? And can we stop, becvause it’s kind of catching which is daft when it’s deffo on my notes that I was cripped from day one and there was sure as someone would ask if you wanted sugar in your tea no benefit to being born disabled in 1977! The sad thing is that when the the Govt says ‘fraud’ they used to really mean folk who were born ‘normal’ because you can’t exactly fake dwarfism or SMA, cerebral palsy or Spinabifida. So really those insulting swine in Govt are saying “WE MEAN YOU, the chronically sick disabled!” Nice.

When out and about I see people stop and have a good look. and then they stop to have a little natter about their taxes or their neighbour who looks OK. If they’re really daft they start to talk about ‘those other people’ to my face because they think it’s some kind of compliment to how crocked I am thaapart from the odd pensioner who has really swallowed the press I’m treated as ‘one of the real ones’ and the worst Joe Blogs is going to say is taht I cost too much and why did’t my parents have me aborted? (Because CP happens after birth and we aren’t quite in Dawkins land yet) They get quite a shock when I start spouting figures and defending folk with CFS and mental illness because it hasn’t struck them I could have both! I’m 39 years old and in all the years I’ve had CP and PIF (often misdiagnosed as ME – hence ending up on this and other ME groups) I have met oworked as a carer and was a thief, an alcoholic, a drug user and a child abuser – she caused me to be nearly raped. If people like that they were on every corner, trust me, I’d notice since their most likely victims are people with disabilities from birth who they see as easy targerts.

0.7% is less than 1% the DWPs own figures which includes their own fraud and error and overpayment of claimants. Also, it’s not 0.7 of disability benefit claimants it is 0.7 across ALL benefits pensions and in work benefits like council tax. Think about it! PENSIONERS point the finger and it is pensions that has teh highest rate of fraud although much of that is professional criminal gangs claiming for non existent people ! If I had a penny for every time over the last twn years we’d explained. It goes to show how effective propaganda is!

If it was endemic a generation of people who grew up with disabilities would know. Sexual abuse is endemic but you won’t see the Govt campaigning against that! 90% of people born disabled can expect to gert abused over their lifetime.
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