_Lady Crookback’s Mini Blog_ 101: _Ranting on Madness

A hell of a lot of people who tick the boxes for sociopath/psychopath are the ones whose families end up addicted, mentally ill themselves, or killing themselves. And those same manipulative, powerful, people bullying on a daily basis RUN the show! If mental health problems contribute to political choices this would mean a lot of supposedly sane Tories and Britain First bods ought to be in psychiatric treatment. MY mental illness has made me only try harder to be a better person but then again, trying to be a better person because the Tories around me all told me how awful I was actually caused my PTSD. The only ways mental illness influenced my political choices was that I finally saw the so called ‘mental differences’ of my youth (anxieties and insecurities and a tendency to care what people thought) as the product of years of bullying by a particular social group whereas the Left seemed more tolerant of mental illness, learning difficulties and of people who tried to be NICE. Trust me, I’m revising that opinion as I read this week! I think I’d quite like to live on an empty boat with no one on it atm!
PLEASE try to remember folks that right now many people with mental illness are terrified lefties with additional disabilities scared their support will be further eroded. Labelling Mair as mentally ill lumps US the mentally ill, whether you like it or not in with the bad guys in the minds of our neighbours, families, co-workers and ESPECIALLY our psychologists, Community Adult Mental Health Teams and the police. It makes us more likely to get tasered or shot if police with little mental health training see any distressed person they are called to as a potential Thomas Mair, and believe me, given the state of mental health services at present, it is FAR more likely to be the police you’ll see than a mental health team if things get bad, whether you have lashed out at someone else or tried to kill _yourself_. After all, who would most people on here call, if someone was threatening suicide? You would, and do call the police.
With the kind of language currently being used of Mair and the Referendum, it won’t only be the Tories responsible for people’s despair if you can’t show a little sense and compassion in your choice of language. Sue’s point actually was we need to _stop_ defining certain actions as ‘mentally ill’ or ‘mad’ just because it makes people with no mental health record feel it is ‘over there/not me/not a wider and dangerous societal issue coming to boiling point.
For the sake of those of us who live with mental illness, please change the derogatory and generalised language around mental illness,it really isn’t helpful. WE live with the stigma day in and day out and it gets very tiring. It has been a LONG time since I considered ‘suicide in case I hurt someone’ but for many years I fought the urge to off myself because a mediocre psychiatrist who had not even read my notes, labelled me as dangerous to my husband. Yet they still discharged me, to live with no support and only the fear that I was a horrible, terrible dreadful, DANGEROUS person, in fact only feeding the fear that had led me to seek help in the first place, an idea that I had first had instilled in me by emotionally manipulative and yet apparently ‘sane’ people. By the time I was 14 years old I had so far an idea of my ‘badness’ that when my sister verbally attacked me, fought spat and verbally abused me to get control of the telephone and my brother was hurt in the scuffle, I (and she) blamed me. I only failed to hang myself because I couldn’t tie a slip knot. My brother was fine, and my bitching little sister is now an ex-BBC Tory, Home Counties yummy Mummy who is making the family’s life hell, but has no psychiatric label despite twice nearly driving me to attempt suicide. And unlike the sister she bullied and abused no-one is stopping her from continuing the cycle of hate with her own kids.
The far right are evil. Cannot we call it that? Millions of innocent people don’t have that term on their medical notes. I’ve also heard Mair called ‘retarded’ (what I grew up being called by my peers and my mother) a ‘nutter’ a ‘fucktard’ and various other words generally applied to the disability community. PSA: You don’t GET to NOT mean disabled people when you call someone a retard, nutter, moron, spastic or any of the rest of the common slurs used to mean us by plenty of people. And we would all, disabled people, mentally ill people and chronically sick people and disabled mentally ill chronically sick people , like you to BLOODY STOP IT.

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Sylvia Kirby
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