Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Aside….

I’m going to see my new GP on Friday. I haven’t been in for months and the receptionist was worried! I have just sat and waited for 3 twisted ankles, non stop tendonitis, agoraphobia, insomnia and chronic PTSD to calm down for about the last six months.Oh yes and now what we think were actually two TIAs. (commonly known as mini-strokes, though it is more complicated than that)
The GPs knew about my having funny symptoms at the time but I didn’t get an ECG/EEG? because I didn’t explain very well and I didn’t really think you could have a stroke and not really know about it, not even if you’re a fairly overweight-under fit 35 year old with CP.
I collapsed the day my ESA paperwork arrived but I thought: well, it’s stress everyone does that and if you haven’t dropped dead outright from a heart attack, you’re still here! I even joked with my carer and the phoneline Emergency Dr that a person with cerebral palsy having a stroke would be a bit hard to spot! Apparently I was right because I only found out about how a TIA works later and it turns out that barring already having a lopsided side with CP I’m a bit textbook, blurreed speech, stumbling, trouble moving my mouth but OK the next day. I wish we had more folk like my old GP! I’d not feel like a hypochondriac suggesting it might have been TIA to him!
The irony: for the past fortnight I have been too embarrassed to ring the GP or go in because a) it was ages ago b) I’m not dead and c) my old GP has left. And d) Oh yes, d) ….. Possible TIAs are a worry but death seemed preferable to an NHS that would even THINK of putting the DWP in the lobby: now that WOULD cause a stroke 🙂 I’ve not left the house since a week before Easter because the DWP who killed my nephew ten days after I had a miscarriage are every bloody where in theory.
Friends with existing conditions please note: I think we have an embarrassment problem about using our wonderful 24/7 NHS and it’s killing us!
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