“Written in My Own Heart’s Blood”

****Trigger warning- miscarriage/medical abuse of power/adoption/abortion discussion****

It has been a long week …. medical appointments, emotional manipulations and micro-aggressions within the disability campaigning community, coming out as bi-to a selection of very supportive friends, apologies to anyone who missed my subtle hints and links, you’re all included in the heading of those I’d trust with that managing a conversation with my mother (always a roller coaster) and now ….

That ache in the heart.

The one that makes you feel, once you start typing out your story to yourself and others that the pain you have been carrying in your heart and belly is travelling very gently up into your mouth until you can taste your disappointment and grief and is going to overflow -far from gently- out of every acceptable orifice. You will overflow at eyes, mouth , nose and your heart’s blood will leak very slowly and quietly out of your breasts in lieu of the milk you never shed.

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