What if your Choices were Not Your Choices Any More…?

What if God isn’t a cosmic bully who causes pain so that we need the choice to end it all?

…what then? What about the folk who play with lives based on ‘net worth to the economy’, ‘kids like that, make me uncomfortable’ or ‘who would want to live like that?’.What if some folk- like the kid in my profile pic are actually quite scared that society sees them as ‘lives unworthy of life’ however fulfilling their life might be? And it isn’t just a ‘what if ‘in many countries either. Including this one. I nearly lost my own daughter to the NHS ideas of choice but we lost her before we could be bullied any further than being told that we must make the RIGHT decision. I’m speaking from bitter experience.

Sticking my neck out in places I hate to go, and speaking also as someone who has been driven to the brink of suicide by bullying and a belief in my unworthiness fostered by certain people for their own ends I’d say that knowing the number of folk (including one nurse, one GP and at least one family member) who have for reasons quite unconnected to actual health requested my departure -it suggests that the minority we may be, but we may yet be right to fear the lack of choice when we do NOT want to go as much as the lack of choice when we DO.

As I have said elsewhere: choice needs to be for everyone: not just the favoured few. Please note I am not political about this. I’ve just seen the other side of the coin; people who loved life sent on their way, people committing tidy little suicides because bullying relatives told them they were unworthy of life (and I had to show up at the funeral and comfort ‘the bereaved’ too. And I don’t trust it in the hands of politicians….

What if your choices were not your choices any more…or never were?

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