I have been manhandled by police – scary when you have cerebral palsy (C.P.) It was not for a protest, though so I don’t feel the discrimination is ‘real’ yet!  But the danger is real.  I was brought up on stories of heroism and the two world wars and I feel a great sense of shame when I consider that I am not brave enough to dare going to modern political protests.  Yet, I think we should all be very afraid that if we keep silent now through fear, we may indeed have no voice at all later as we are shuffled off to care homes’ my mother has said I should go into a care home  if anything happens to my partner and has even picked one out for me. Easier than thinking about support or equipment and it has worked for her 93 year old father.

Maybe then I will REALLY begin to shout, or maybe long before. Because I will not be abused again, because I will NEVER stand by if I see someone being abused, even though a 4ft 11 woman with C.P. is not much of a human shield! I will NOT walk on by when someone else is attacked (as has happened to me) It would be a great honour to use this rather second-rate body as a human shield – far greater than to stay ‘alive’ as the recipient of charity, abuse and eventually penury. As my brother says each time he defends someone who is being attacked, “What else could I do?”

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