Post Impairment Syndrome: “It’s Not JUST You”.

It’s the REALLY tricky two edged sword! Because SOME Drs are so convinced that we’ll be useless and will say we’ll never do anything and then be wrong it is worth a gamble. Better than being written off and put in a home.  BUT what I think they DON’T think about is what a strain it is to be told you’re the same as everyone else and then when we CAN’T do something get dismissed as just lazy. So often we are making an effort that is ssooo much and then after all that to have to leave a job so young. They don’t see that lots of effort makes a failure seem bigger. Because most of us try extra hard so it hurts more to fail. And everyone works you so hard so you feel you’ve let them down MORE.

If it had been up to my mother I don’t think she would have taught me to read because Drs said I might not be able to (based on books on CP) I’m lousy at maths and logic and spatial puzzles and it doesn’t matter how hard I try I have to learn stuff ALL over again if I’m not doing it every day.  Where would we be if our parents had accepted that, we’d not even be writing and typing?   A lot of parents do not want to admit that we could have problems. Or they will admit a certain amount and no more.


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