Ghost Blog….. If I was really here…but I don’t really want to be…..

“If we want to end these unjust and inhumane arrests and forced interventions on pregnant women, we need to stop focusing only on the abortion issue and start working to protect the personhood of pregnant women.  We should be able to work across the spectrum of opinion about abortion to unite in the defense of one basic principle: that at no point in her pregnancy should a woman lose her civil and human rights.”

Nor should her partner.

This is almost exactly what I have been trying to say for just under two years now. Two years minus four weeks ….

Pregnant, and No Civil Rights
Anti-abortion measures are used to control childbirth decisions.

But so are PRO abortion rights.

Anything can be misused.

Isn’t it ironic that in the U.K we routinely try to do the opposite and both offer and force women to have abortions ‘no questions asked’ and then forget it ever happened. Neither is worse because both are constitutionally insane ways to operate. Take any ‘choice’ away ANY choice and what you have is…… well. today, really.

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