Blame The Frauds….?

  • “Gives the genuine a bad name!!!”

    I’ve long struggled to get the missing point across on this one.
    YES it does, give good folk a bad name, agreed, because folk lump disability in with fraud without thinking. However, in reality it should give LIARS (working in the DWP) a bad name and NO-ONE ELSE. I always tell folk who go on about ‘genuine’ vs ‘fraudulent’ disabled people that a fraudulent disabled person is of course an ABLE BODIED/NON SICK person and so it is not a case of ‘one bad apple in the disabled barrel’ at all but a bad able bodied person- or to put it another way one of ‘them’ NOT one of ‘us’. I’m not happy with a ‘them and us’ model, but it beats hearing folk attack my invisibly disabled mates/me/my mate with the start of MS as ‘not genuine’ 

    The word ‘genuine’ has become a stick to beat us with. In particular I get a mixture of reactions from ‘I can see you have CP/I know you there for you must be ‘for real’ through to people who WANT to see me as a fraud because they have been taught that anyone on sticks has just got a ‘fake bad back’ and want to take out of me the fact that they work 9-6 6 days a week.The UK Government should be the ones held accountable, yet I note the DWP didn’t have a word to say about cheating within their own system!

    Once AGAIN hate and lies from The Express and we all know NOW how iDS fiddles the figures and we know that the million ‘Fit to work or work related activity’ are often just folk who have unfairly failed Work Capability assessment CA – or we wouldn’t be here! I’ve never met anyone who introduce themselves as “Hello, I’m Brian, I’m a benefit fraud” and if I did I wouldn’t even wait to call the DWP, I’d call the police.

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