Does anyone know a good reason or things I could look up or vedio’s on why people with cp use 10 times more engery to do anything? than non cp people and why it don’t matter how bad ur cp is it is still 10 times more

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  • Justin Bija i dont have videos but the fact that there are interruption in brain signals is definitely why and that as time goes and your body wears and wears faster due to the conflict of stress between the 2 sides
  • Beatriz A Rojas look at the bright side you always complaning that why you are always hurting try and laugh more often
  • Tracy Williams Actually, I am pretty sure that it has to do with having to constantly fight against spasticity and muscle weakness….
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  • Shaun Wilwerding tryings to ask things and learn more about things that I never knew? is complaning
  • Beatriz A Rojas the way you put it it sound like it
  • Jodie Rogers Think Tracy’s right. It’s about the extra energy to get the body to perform a task v in a non CP person. Uses more with CP.
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  • Susan Dengler- Hawn Did you try ucp.org?

    UCP’s 2015 Annual Conference, “Reflecting Our Mission, Focusing Our Vision,” concluded in Chicago…
  • Randall Treon Jr It’s just going to get worse as we age
  • Donna Madden Shaun to ask a question is not complaining
  • Donna Madden Some times people may appear to complain when really there confusion and lack of knowledge is not getting validated,So we ask and ask the same sort of question even 10 times because of our lack of understanding ,when the question is properly validated and the answer is properly understood then we are able to move on .Shaun it has just took a while for us to be able to understand what you have been asking and to be able to give an answer you can understand and hope fully be able to explain with documented proof to your parents .I hope this works for you
  • Page Elizabeth Mayrand Simple explanation is that since your muscles are always working overtime, you use more energy. AND since you also have to use extra muscles and energy tip do things other people find easy, you also use more energy there
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  • Tom Kuhl There are studies out there. Dr. Steven Koop, who did one of my surgeries, also studied children with CP walking on level ground and found that they expend three to five times more energy when walking if I remember correctly… If anyone around you needs proof of what’s going on, it can easily be found using Google Scholar and keywords such as cerebral palsy, energy expenditure and fatigue.

    As far as keeping you (and the rest of us) walking and standing. There are new devices that didn’t exist when we were kids. It used to be most with CP either walked independently, used loft strand crutches or used a wheelchair. Gait Training Systems are a relatively new option and they may help you regain the ability to stand for longer periods of time and keep you walking longer:


    The Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer, designed for use by…
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  • Sylvia Kirby Thanks folks. This is a good selection of responses and great links. I know the site is largely designed for us to advise parents but givenShaun Wilwerding _is_ trying to get info to educate his own parents (and sadly many parents are more resistant than the marvellous souls on here) I think it’s good he get support.
    And this is I can tell you guys info I would KILL for my folks to have known 38 years ago! Frankly I’d have killed for it TEN years ago or even five MINUTES sooner than I did have it! it is gold!

    Please don’t be SCARED. Be EMPOWERED! This is knowledge that made me feel so much better even though I only found it in my thirties. It was EMPOWERING knowledge that actually helped to relieve many of my muscular symptoms which were causing HUGE physical and emotional stress because no doctor could tell me what was wrong. Frankly the more I worried about the muscle fatigue the worse it got because the more tense of course the tighter the muscles! Within 2 years I’d got back to a level of functioning that I’d lost through severe burnout in my teens.

    Your KIDS will thank you for your courage so please don’t discount this info even though it goes against the grain! It has a brighter future than any pie in the sky false positivity. From here starts REAL positivity!

  • Sylvia Kirby
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Has anyone with cp tried kayaking? I would like to pursue that one day.

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