Pregnant women with mental health problems can be forced to have caesareans

  • So she won’t even get the chance to prove herself or her capability?
  • Someone on a thread commented: I suspect we don’t really know enough to make a real comment”.YES we DO know. Because this is bloody barbaric and against international law. It is ( or was until recently ) illegal in this country to do any such thing. (Birth- Issues in Perinatal Care, Sheila Kitzinger’s Letter from Europe: Court-Ordered Caesareans in the UK Vol. 25, 3.,. ) Whatever someone’s mental state, if they were compos mentis enough to get pregnant, they have the right NOT to be forcibly sterilised, forced to have an abortion against their will, or to have their child forcibly adopted . If they WEREN’T, then frankly someone wants to swing for taking advantage.

  • Anyone who has ever experienced the NHS at its worse in these areas deserved NOT TO experience such violation.
    24 hours before the Italian case hit our radar I asked my husband quite seriously and calmly whether he thought they would be capable of taking a from the womb and straight into the hands of Social Services.
    Given that I had been told at 5 weeks both that I must have an abortion, despite the opinion of our own GP, the Community Mental Health team who at the time objected strenuously to an uninvolved GP’s comments, , my consultants, the gynaecologist and half a dozen midwives who were all horrified and I also knew that I would be told to have a C-section, I was no more horrified than at any other time when I have heard of physically disabled deaf women with  an IQ over the average,  sterilised, numerous women with disabilities told they ‘must have an abortion’ or women being booked without consultation for abortions when their amniocentesis showed Downs Syndrome was likely.
    When this ONE GP who had never seen me before and will not again was confronted with the sheer absurdity of using CP as an excuse for abortion, she fell back on ‘it’s your mental health that is the issue’ . Not according to my records or any competent psychologist but social services wouldn’t know parental competence if they found it rifling their wage packets. All threats failed, I was told that Social Services *might* be involved, a factor more distressing to any physically disabled person who has had NO SS care for 32 of my 36 years with depression and C.P. and no care (mental or physical) since the cuts on grounds that I _could_ manage!

    Judge? Yes we can. Judge that some ‘professionals aren’t competent to judge a flower-show!

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