Of Mice And Men

I have been tempted to hit people with the big one: that all the genetic testing in the world does NOT stop the midwife being a cow who won’t treat you as you struggle to give birth, leaving your child damaged. That NOT every disability is genetic and that ‘shit happens’. WHEN will people get it into their heads that if they want perfection they should try a different universe, that they should be happy to have a baby- sick or well, despite the challenges that poses. After all, it is their child who will have to live or die with the disability (though they will have to watch them struggle) The disabled person doesn’t get time off from people’s ignorance and cruelty, from society’s implicit judgement that if your parents had done the ‘right’ thing you would be ‘OK’ (I am OK, are you?) or if they had done the ‘right thing ‘ you would not exist.
Abortion was not a normal option when I was born (nor, of course is it any use to talk of such things and nor did we in 1977 – we were still human- then. Where the damage is at birth, we take the consequences of our decision to have a child -why not at any other time?
Though I am aware of sick creatures who propound that a baby is not a person, therefore ‘post-birth abortion (????) .is acceptable.)
as a disabled person told to ‘make a decision’ myself, despite the hatred that is implicit in a medical demand for me to have an abortion, despite all the prejudice and ignorance that the very word ‘disability’ brings, I could not, would not have done it.
As I might have been persuaded had my life been different, how can I judge others, but I judge that if a parent cannot contemplate a child with a disability -for whatever reason) they are not going to make a responsible parent if they are a feather in any ill wind that blows.
If people don’t want disabled children, maybe they should not have children.

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