Silent Night…..

Kids and Christmas. They go together like candy and nuts, don’t they? 

Or do they just drive you nuts? 

Don’t get me wrong, I want to yell when hubby hasn’t taken out the trash and it is overflowing, then I take a breath and remember that he hasn’t taken out the trash, but he hasn’t called ME trash and taken off, either. It is ‘charmed life’ Syndrome. Kids are human, so they drive us nuts. Think of the hole in your heart that would be there if they had never been. 

Our daughter will be with us for Christmas but she won’t be able to hug us and I won’t be able to tell her to get off the couch. 

Would you really trade messy, noisy, hyper kids, or even crazy, get your goat, don’t-agree-with-their-lifestyles adult ones for staring at the tree and the hole on the three-seater where your child isn’t, or used to be, or is lying sick, prior to the next bout of chemo?

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