Cumean Sybils….

It is strange to be a prophetess…do you find you can see ahead? I do! a certain amount of cynicism and dark logic is required, there is no special magic in it!

Just the morning the news story broke, I asked my husband whether I was paranoid because I could imagine such an action being perpetrated.

One day we WILL have that apology! For us all! For every woman with CP talked into anything, for every woman with CP denied choice, for every woman with CP threatened with loss of freedoms like this.

I gather a disabled campaigner who used to fight for our rights NOT to be forced into abortions has just passed away. I’m taking up the torch ….in memory of my daughter.

To think that had we gone full term they might have used my need for a C-section to take away any chance to ever hold her…. I am so used to the stories of friends who have been denied simple rights that I almost took it for granted that such a thing was no worse than forced adoption or any other of their threats and iniquities.

They can argue til they are blue that ‘my mental health’ was the reason for their threats…if so, why was I ALWAYS told from a child that I should not have children, and why do so few of us with CP have children?

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