‘People who need….to stop and think’

Here is a great reminder to folk NOT to judge. It is hypocrisy. And even when we sit in judgement on those in the wrong, it can make those who DO need it feel judged too. I think I’ve just thought of a great analogy for all those folk in the UK who manage to make me feel bad for ‘ a lifetime on benefits’ even though they were lucky enough not to be crippled at birth AND get sick as well.

I get so mad at folk who go on about people who DON’T need help but who expect me NOT to feel bad that they are judging others, just because I DO need help. They don’t understand why even if you do need help, it still hurts (just like your DH’s sight) I’ll ask them to : Think of depression and or guilt: When did being innocent ever stop you beating yourself up?

If they say they NEVER feel guilty if it is not their fault, I’ll say, that explains why they cannot understand how ‘the innocent guilty’ feel.

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