So, what are my options?

I’m a classic example. I’m lucky to currently live in some of the cheapest DECENT accommodation in this county- possibly ANYWHERE in the country- only£60 a YEAR shortfall at present thanks to a landlord with a conscience who is disabled himself.

I’m lucky and I’m certainly financially better off than I will be any time until my husband is earning 30,000.  But my benefits are NOT a ‘lifestyle choice’, I’ve always wanted to work, and worked whenever I could, often when I couldn’t, in fact.

My carer-husband is job-hunting because obviously if I lose SDA/DLA we would not have ANYTHING, (this seems possible despite the CP since my GP is the only person who listens to me and ATOS don’t listen to GPs)
Him working will leave us worse off financially and me alone without care from 8am-6pm, without the ability to go outside, liable to pay off £16,000+ of debts and reliant on a partner on 19k (if we are LUCKY) to pay for two adults and a worsening health situation.

Emotionally, it will make us more anxious- not good for the PTSD OR the CP or his bloodpressure; what about when that job ends, or if he becomes ill (at 35 I am the younger by 14 years and always thought _I_ would end up looking after HIM.
The alternative. STAY on benefits and be labelled a scrounger by family, friends, neighbours, strangers, government ministers and Job Centre Plus officials.
NOT what either of us expected to do with a Masters Degree or two Firsts apiece!

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