Mandatory ‘Work’ Scam part II

They never tell you what is on offer! I have CP but never realised that Remploy took ppl like me. I was expected to find a mainstream jobdue to having an MA degree masters from Southampton University and having been tipped as new blood for the English Dept until they realised I could not stand the pace. 
I have TRAINING and SKILLS, but the funny thing about having LEARNING DISABILITIES (even ‘Specific’ ones like dyscalculia and dyspraxia) is that you cannot TRAIN people not to have them and no matter how many degrees and skills you have and working life you need MATHS. And manual labour and cerebral palsy don’t really mix. That box Atos want you to pick up, how do you do that on sticks, pray?) No matter how much ‘training’ you give me my memory will not return to its pre-medicated state. There is no specialist support for memory loss when you are 30 and the NHS wants to pretend they did not screw up. Too ill to be consistent now – brain tumour and adrenal failure plus PTSD.
My husband was refused support to return to work – he begged but the DWP never told him it existed so a highly trained EO got Carers Allowance and abuse from neighbours for being ‘out of work’ After 5 yrs we got some care because we discovered that as I had a social worker as a child they were obliged to help but the first round of cuts saw that off. The Social Worker tried to stress me out to the point that I would be willing to take mental health support instead, but how does that bathe feed and walk you? I got a little better so my physical care was withdrawn just as I was able to manage with a few hours care. Bet there will be no care on the work camps….What do they intend to do? Split up husband’s and wives as with old people’s homes?

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