I.D.S. A New Word For ‘Scrounger’?


I am “Habitually dependent.” As in

“Feckless and habitually dependent[on the Welfare State]”.(Ian Duncan-Smith)

Dependent? So now dependent is the new dirty word?  Oh, well, I suppose it always was- dependent relatives- Housewives who ‘don’t work’, elderly folk at the end of their ‘useful’ lives, children not yet able to climb chimneys, disabled people who are ‘helpless cripples’.

So, who  is dependent? Dependent is having to rely on others because you have no resources of your own?  I’ve NEVER yet been paid for any of the work I do and I variously known as ‘one of those people / scroungers’, ‘that poor disabled girl’, ‘that woman down the road [who’s never worked]’ or ‘one of the genuine disabled’, depending on the viewpoint of the beholder. Nice to see that I’m in some sort of bracket.

So how does it FEEL from the inside, to REALLY be dependent? For food (even if you are lucky enough to have it in the house- how lucky- are you if you cannot get it out of the TIN without support? Dependent for support such as dressing or washing, dependent on help to leave the house, dependent on help managing to take medication correctly without screwing up and ending in A&E?

Just for starters.

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