Liverpool ‘Care’. A Pathway For All?

My grandfather was put on the Liverpool Care Pathway last month. I assumed the pneumonia had killed him, that it had been mercifully quick, until I spoke to my uncle who has epilepsy. He was quite matter of fact about the fact that my two aunts had ‘taken the decision’.

The really terrifying thing is that perhaps his children were happy to do it because he was a bully and a bigot and so they had little reason to want him to hang on….

Yet even the Nazis – the exterminators of disabled people before they moved on to genocide of six million Jews, were so disgusted by Aktion T4 (the removal of disabled people from their families for euthanasia and the genesis of the proto-gas chamber experiments which ended the lives of many considered mentally or physically ‘unfit’, that it was discontinued before WWII but the covert killings continued. There is no guarantee that ones family WILL defend one. (I have reason to know this and so do many others)

I was nearly persuaded to a sterilisation in my 20s by _my mother_ because I did not realise a hysterectomy WAS sterilisation! She often spoke when I was a teen of discrimination, prejudice and rights, but the rights to my own body were not my own until I realised how trapped I had been…I know others with CP who were forcibly sterilised/pressured into abortions. we had a GP try to force an abortion on me earlier this year. I refused but I still have the papers that she insisted I take ‘in case I changed my mind’. The emotional pressure brought to bear was easier to resist because I had expected it as a disabled woman with CP but vile for all that and you find yourself almost agreeing with them. 

Such things need to be known: She threatened us with forced adoption or a late surgical procedure if I did not ‘decide’ to terminate a planned pregnancy! The fact that it was ‘MY RIGHT’ to terminate was stated over and over and only the leveling effect of pregnancy hormones stopped me losing my temper. How easily we comply….with our own destruction.

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One Response to Liverpool ‘Care’. A Pathway For All?

  1. it is sad when they put humans onto this pathways thing has we put here for a period without mans help of trying to get rid of us the unhealthy beings but would they like that pathways thing done to them I expect not but humanity how we got to this are we animals to be put down on a whim of someone in the family nah its all in humanity they say rather they go than me ,so perhaps one day they look back o nthis and wonder did we treat patients just like animals , has for your pregnancy that’s for you and you alone to decide whot to do about it and just pray that the two of you get through ok and that becomes the apple of your eye be happy jeff3 from

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