Esther Mc Vey and why my invisibly disabled friends won’t see me with the knives out….

Apologies…this one slipped through the net….there has  been a lot on lately, hasn’t there if I am letting Mc Vey’s comments slip through….!

YOU are probably all busy being good role models for your kids and meeting today’s crises but in view of today’s Daily Mail headlines on DLA from Esther Mc Vey, I think we all need to make QUITE clear to people we meet so that there is no POSSIBLE confusion, that even if we have disabilities from birth like C.P. we do NOT agree with what Mc Vey implied: that the only disabilities are those that you have from birth. I was born with CP and I don’t know any person born with a disability that thinks such a terrible thing! Maybe that’s because we too can get other conditions later and we know that mental illness , or an accident that NEVER ‘heals’ or a DISABILITY acquired later in life is JUST AS REAL, or maybe it’s because we are NOT terminally selfish. Hey, it’s not as though disability is some exclusive club that we want to keep to ourselves!

Please, please hang on in there everyone! You are all so real, realler than real! Mc Vey is the fake- the fakest Disabilities Minister ever! She’s about to be the most hated woman in Britain yes- and it will be DISABLED PEOPLE who will hate her!

Where’s all her talk of ‘courage’ and ‘bravery’ now? (does that make you want to throw up too?) This makes me want to throw more than vomit! You just got yourself an enemy my girl! Oh, and by the way..the reason you never found a man? No man would have you…Most men look for humanity in a woman. So do most women….

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