Eastlands homes….Not a place you would want to call home?

Can YOU imagine being a disabled person who uses all their ‘spare’ income to pay for care and equipment, receiving a flyer telling you not to spend money on bingo, drink or TV? HOW insulting to send this to all council tenants as if they were all irresponsible. When my mother -n-law was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease at the age of 60 my father in law lost his job and had to provide full time care: they were forced to move into council accomodation- very nice council accomodation- I hope they would have had more tact than this! I’m sure watching TV was all they had left while they slowly waited for her to die and I know there was no money over for luxuries and that my husband had to help his father find the basic essentials. 

I am disabled, I do not smoke, I am off the brain tumour meds for a few months so I might legitimately think I could have a glass of wine for the first time in 18 years but it’s not really to my taste, we have a Sky Television but pay £0 subscription because it was a free offer when the analogue signal was switched off in our area. We now receive it free as we use the Sky Box as a Freeview box (simple) but I would happily do without TV as I object to paying a subscription to be sold lies and propaganda: all there seems to be is rubbish and propaganda and BBC TV rarely provides the sort of intellectually stimulating material I prefer, even if I could sit comfortably for the length of a programme. I know very few disabled people who watch endless TV most are too busy struggling with their illnesses or disabilities or with the crippling ATOS assessment paperwork to watch TV. I’m beginning to feel that if you are disabled, watching TV has acquired such a stigma that it is dangerous to admit to doing it. I would happily ditch our £10 TV but it is a relief for my carer from the endless worry and abuse we get for being on benefits. Ironically, I still get abuse for my disability but I also get abuse from people who would prefer to believe that I fake the spasms, the pain, the fatigue, the falls the tumour and the spinal fusion. Looking at the kind of things BBC & ITV produce, I’d say they watch too much TV! My only gamble is whether to be independent and sort out my own meds or let my husband do them- if I get it wrong that’s another accidental overdose but hey, people do love to live dangerously! (NB I am not a council tenant but I am disgusted and will be writing to the council concerned!

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