Ian Duncan-Smith Poverty, parents. blame and drugs 2nd Feb 2013

Thanks again, Sonia Poulton for highlighting our situation! All the more necessary because if child poverty is to be blamed on drug use and WELFARE CARDS are being peddled as helping those on benefits to control their spending on drugs and alcohol, then as usual, to the man in the street, by association all welfare recipients are drug users.

Cue the sick jokes that will make me curl up inside and the contemptuous comments, the disbelief.

I wonder, will having BEEN drugged by an ex care worker and then used as a sex toy by her heroin addled buddy while semi conscious count? If so I’m a cannabis user (and whatever else was in the Mickey Finn)

HATE it when they go on the ‘blame the druggies crawl’. It brings it all back. Worse…no-one believed a teenager with CP. ‘That sort of thing happens to everyone’ said the ‘careworker’. ‘That sort of thing doesn’t happen to people like you’ said ‘family’.


Loud and proud abuse survivor. Or ‘delusional?’


I guess I’ll be on workfare, alongside the other vulnerable and the same sort of people who abused my trust 18 years ago. (hello PTSD!) And the reason why if I could I’d work from home? People who believe such rubbish.


How about ‘family poverty?’ Caused by having a child with disabilities in a state with no safety net (no not in 1977 either) MY family were poor because they had a disabled child….My mother could not claim any form of income benefit because she had a job to go to, but was needed at the hospital for transfusions, and who can focus on work with five-year-olds when their own tot is in Intensive Care? With a premature baby just out of hospital in the house EATING is not an option if the room temp must be 25C, yet British Gas still threatened to cut the utilities off. Just a taster of 35 years ago. 35 years on, it is simpler. I AM disabled so I am expected to abort any babies I may have (just ask my GP.)

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